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Hardly any other industry has changed in the recent years and restructured itself as drastically as the tourism industry. New technologies, especially the Internet have opened up endless new possibilities of marketing.


Destinations and institutions that have recognized this trend and invested in it from the beginning could use this as a significant advantage for themselves. This trend will continue in the years to come and progress further and faster.



It is offering a great opportunity for the marketing of destinations and service providers to establish themselves in the tourism market and successfully compete against their competitors.

With our dynamic and contemporary marketing strategies Destinat is a pioneer in this area and focuses on the latest, most sophisticated marketing tools.


Nevertheless, traditional marketing methods do not come short and complement our “all in one” package. For each customer, this package is individually customized for the respective requirements, competitors and developments so that new consumer groups can be targeted and existing ones expanded.


Destinat goes even a step further than to simply market existing products more efficiently. Destinat analyzes the touristic offers of its clients and advises them on how to expand and improve their range of products in order to attract new target groups for themselves.


The demand for innovative, new offers such as the niche business is very large. Expanding such offers by creating new events and attractions, will build new customer relationships. 


Destinat accomplishes this with its intelligent network structure, in market analysis and product development with many other marketing tools offered holistically. Thus, our customers, with our help strengthen not only in existing target groups, but also open up new markets.


Our customer’s success is our success.