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Destinat promotes Egypt's
North Coast:
Bathe in antiquity

Bathe in antiquity

In close cooperation with the Egyptian Tourist Authority Destinat promotes Egypt's Northern Coast.

The land of the sun god presents a new unique: sun, sand, sea and culture in one package.
Egypt'snorthern coaston the Mediterraneanfrom AlexandriatoMarsaMatruhhas so far beenthe best kept secretof wealthyEgyptians, but now these hiddentreasuresare accessible toall of us.

Wide beaches are complemented by the cultural treasures near Porto Marina, derived from the most important eras of Egyptian history: Starting from the Pharaonic period (Ramses Temple), to Alexander the Great up to settlements from the Roman era.

During the construction of the marina in the Marina Town in El-Alamein a Hellenistic-Roman city came to the fore, which was excavated and can now be visited. Marina is seen as a major attraction, not only as an open archaeological site - a veritable Egyptian Pompeii emerging from the sands - but also as the location of a site museum, which hopefully will collect antiquities from the entire coast between Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh.
The well-known love story of Cleopatra and Antonius took place at these historic sites. A beach with remarkable stone structures on the water that is named after her ( Cleopatra’s Bath) enchanted its visitors for thousands of years.

Modern and luxurious holiday villages (e.g. Porto Marina) are available on Egypt's best beach locations. Here you can experience luxury at its finest in spacious apartments and villas, complemented by recreational facilities such as golf courses, modern spa, water sports centers, night clubs and attractive entertainment.

While the summer is the favorite season for most Egyptians, spring, autumn and winter all offer their own charms with mild winter temperatures (14-16°C) that are higher than in Turkey and other Mediterranean destinations.

Pictures: Mimoza Veliu / Egypian Tourist Authority