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Modern tourism technologies are nowadays indispensable. Due to the rapid development and advancement in this area, it is important not to lose the  overview , staying connected and always remaining up to date.


As a subsidiary of Schmetterling ,one of the greatest pace makers  in  touristic technologies and provider of tourism solutions for the “Quality Tourism Alliance”(QTA) with more than 6000 connected travel agencies, specializing in distribution systems in the B2B (business to business) as well as B2C (business to customer) , Destinat is always on the cutting edge in all these areas  of technology.


Destinat takes up these experiences and existing systems, allowing it to perform individual adjustments for the needs of their customers and thereby optimizing them .

Destinat advises destinations not only on the latest technological infrastructure of the market and shows them solutions for the optimal use of such for the purpose of strengthening the distribution network, but does this as part of the “All in One Package” also efficiently by itself.


The team of Destinat takes care of everything from A-Z. Thus, the most far-reaching penetration of the German tourism market distribution is achieved. As a result our customers will find a huge lead over their competitors.